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Washington Post, How to help kids adapt to the chaos that is hybrid learning

Washington Post, How to give kids a sense of routine and stability in a school year that is anything but normal

Washington Post, 5 ways to help teens feel seen and heard in an uncertain time

Fast Company, "How to Stay Emotionally Connected While Social Distant"

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NYTimes, "Some Teenagers are Creating New Rituals in the Pandemic"

Equal Parts Podcast, "Homeschooling lessons for parents"

Washington Post, "How to actually do this remote-learning thing while also working from home"

NPR, "How to turn your home into a school without losing your sanity (comic)"

Washington Post, "When everything is canceled: How to help students make the most of their newfound free time"

NPR, "Six tips for homeschooling during coronavirus"

Fast Company, "This is how the college cheating scandal could hurt kids with learning differences"

Washington Post, "How much screentime? Silicon Valley Families are still trying to figure it out"

Edsurge News, "How To Keep Kids From Being Mean Online"

Washington Post, "How to Motivate Older Kids Without Using Rewards, Punishment or Fear (No, really)"

Fast Company, "5 Ways To Hack Into the Mindset You Need For Tough Conversations"

Washington Post, "Instagram, Snapchat, Fortnite: The Distractions Are Endless, Here's How To Help Kids Cope"

New York Times, "Is Your Child a Phone 'Addict'?"

Washington Post, "What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew About Social Media"

New York Times, "The Secret Social Media Lives of Teenagers"

New York Times, How to Help Kids Disrupt 'Bro Culture'

Washington Post, "5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Balance Social Media With the Real World"

LA Review of Books, "Life and Death 2.0: When Your Grandmother Dies Online"

Pacific Standard, "Holier Than Thou IPO: Snapchat and Effective Parenting", "9 Ways to Help Teens Manage Their Social Media Footprint"

San Francisco Chronicle, "My Father's Greatest Lessons"

New York Times, "A Mother's Instinct, A Daughter's Need"

Huffington Post, “The Teen Vanishing Act: How the Latest Social Media Trends Are Hurting Our Kids”

Huffington Post, "Back to School Lesson in Kindness"

Psychology Today, "Are Teen Girls Falling Flat From 'Leaning In' Too Far?"

Huffington Post, "An Open Letter to High School Juniors"

Psychology Today, "Girls, Technology, and the Classroom"

San Jose Mercury News, "Technology and the Classroom: Girls Face Greater Challenges Balancing Digital Learning with Social Lives"

Psychology Today, "Food, Fuel, and Teen Girls"

Los Altos Town Crier, "Follow the 'Five C's' for Success in School and Life"

Motherhood Later... Than Sooner, "Organizing Kids"

Los Altos Town Crier, "Encourage Children to Read"

Los Altos Town Crier, "Pre-emptive Organization Can Make a Smooth School Year"

Psychology Today, "The Game of Threes"

Psychology Today, "De-stressing Teen Girl Angst"

Interviews and Mentions

Wall Street Journal, "Juul Says It Will Quit Social Media"

The Telegraph, "Why Are Silicon Valley Execs Banning Their Kids From Using Social Media?"

NBC, "Big Tech's First Steps to Fight Addiction Fail to Impress"

USA Today, "From Promposals to Snaps, Smartphones Are Crashing the Prom Party"

Fast Company, "Sorry, Silicon Valley Won't Save Your Kids From Tech Addiction"

Parents Magazine, "Why It's Never Too Early To Teach Your Child Good Social Media"

Kansas Public Radio, "Conversations: Ana Homayoun on Social Media Wellness"

Chicago Tribune, "Social Media Footprints Are Nothing New, So What Were Those Harvard Kids Thinking?"

The Daily Beast, "'Mean Girls' and Beyond: Is Social Media Killing Female Friendships?"

Los Altos Town Crier, "Changing the Conversation on Social Media"

USA Today, "If You Plan to Use a Tracking App on Your Teen's Phone, You Must Tell Them"

New York Times, "Simple Student Routines for Back-to-School Success"

New York Times, "Simple Solutions for Back to School Organization", “Kids as Young as Five Concerned about Body Image”

USA Today, “Social Media Rules for Teens”

USA Today, "Desire to Unplug Resonates in the New Year"

New York Times, "Giving Disorganized Boys the Tools for Success"

Los Altos Patch, "Debunking Perfection with Ana Homayoun"

Chicago Tribune, "Perfectly Miserable: Teenage Girls and the Unhealthy Pursuit of Perfection"

Kera, "Helping Girls Find Authentic Success and Happiness"

Los Altos Town Crier, "Los Altos Native Writes 'Myth of the Perfect Girl'"

NPR, "When the Going Gets Tough... Let Kids Fail?", "Organizing for Boys: What Parents Need to Know"

Gentry Magazine, "What is Perfect?"

Duke Magazine, "Ensuring Student Success"

ABC 7 News, "An Orderly Path Back to School", "Organizing For Boys: Getting Your Guy Through Middle School"

New York Times, "When a Risque Online Persona Undermines a Chance for a Job"

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“Ana is a dynamic, engaging speaker who accurately portrays the challenges teens face in a 24/7 digital world.”

Dean of Students, St. Francis High School, Mountain View, CA

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