QOTD: What Makes YOU Beam?

  Yesterday, I received an amazing email from the parent of a Green Ivy student who comes to our Los Altos office: I wanted to let you know that Mignote did a great job getting [our son] ready to take …

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The Dark Side of Teen Sleepovers

As spring turns to summer, high school prom season is in full swing and there are inevitably more parents hosting slumber parties and sending their own kids to sleepovers. Last week, I was at a book event for The Myth …

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The Hidden Reality of Spring Stress (for Teens and Parents!)

  Most people are always relieved when Springtime weather finally arrives – especially students who believe they are that much closer to summer vacation. In my office, though, I often see how Springtime is an incredibly stressful time, especially for …

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Finishing this School Year Off Right

There is such truth to the term Spring Fever when it comes to school and homework – I often refer to the pre- and post- Spring Break school world as being like running the third lap in the mile – …

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How to Encourage Teens' Focus in a Tech-Heavy World

When I speak at schools, I begin by asking the students how many of them would like five to seven extra hours of free time every week. The response generally depends on the age group of the audience. Middle-schoolers’ eyes …

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Happy Spring! Spring is a time for new beginnings, and so I welcome you to this updated website and new blog, which reflects that feeling of happy “newness.” For the past decade, I’ve been working with teens and young adults …

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