Teacher Appreciation Week: Margaret Miller

On #TeacherAppreciationWeek, I want to recognize Margaret Miller (who I now know as Margaret, because time will do that…). She was my high school counselor for a hot-minute, but has spent the past few decades as a trusted friend and confidante to so many, including lucky me.

KonMari and Me: My Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

I’ve spent nearly 15 years coaching teens and young adults on organization, time-management, personal productivity and overall wellness. The straight-forward system we developed at Green Ivy is now being used by tens of thousands of students all over the world, and we …

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The Priceless Gift of Mentoring

Sometimes, a casual conversation has the opportunity to change your life, and I live by the mantra, “You never know who you might sit next to.” Several years ago, I was invited to a swanky fundraiser for the Boys and …

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What I Learned In Washington DC

Last week, I traveled to Washington DC (and more specifically, the University of Maryland – College Park) to present at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Boy, was I impressed. Over 900 young women from all over the …

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