Where We Get Our Best Ideas

When and where do you get your best ideas? Lin-Manuel Miranda got the initial ideas for his musical after reading Ron Chernow’s landmark biography ‘Hamilton’ on vacation. For me, ideas come during a walk or bike ride – sometimes in …

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Tips To Support A Smooth Transition To College

For those who are headed to college later this year, we want to share five tips to help you set yourself up for a smooth transition. Here are some ways to support yourself in the coming months.      1. …

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Surprising News From a Student…

A few months ago, a high school senior shared surprising news: He had a great time visiting college campuses. In fact, he liked a lot of them and could see himself happy in several different places. There wasn’t one place, …

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3 Important Ways to Support Writing

In our work with students, we’ve found that an activity that is consistently agonized over is also one of the most underrated lifelong skills: writing. The Importance of Writing It’s no surprise that the pandemic has affected students’ writing skills. …

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21 reflections on 21 years

Greetings! It strikes me that November 2022 marks 21 years of Green Ivy Educational Consulting (no, I can’t quite believe it either!). In a time of constant change, I remain so grateful for this work and for our incredible staff. Over the …

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A Little Holiday Cheer

Greetings! Last week, I had lunch with an old friend I hadn’t seen since early 2020 … And now, here we were, having lunch before she started a whirlwind 36 hours work trip before flying back to her family on …

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Back to School — Balance and New Beginnings in Fall 2021

Greetings! In my office, we’re going back to our school year schedule today…and we have the school year buzz…When I started to draft this newsletter, I wanted to offer back-to-school strategies that could be used to help students ease the …

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Teacher Appreciation Week: Margaret Miller

On #TeacherAppreciationWeek, I want to recognize Margaret Miller (who I now know as Margaret, because time will do that…). She was my high school counselor for a hot-minute, but has spent the past few decades as a trusted friend and confidante to so many, including lucky me.

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