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Happy November! It’s amazing we are in the final stretch of 2014 ~ I don’t know what the year has been like for you, but what a year it has been for me personally and professionally (and it’s not over!).

Last month, I traveled over 35,000 miles around the world – I started October 1st on a plane to Dubai and ended the month flying home from speaking at a conference to camp directors in New Jersey. I love traveling, and rarely mind airports, hotels and all the rest, but I will say that I am incredibly grateful to be home for a short stretch, especially since I have some writing projects that I am working on finishing up.

One of the highlights of my month was visiting the very lovely Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, TN last week. In the afternoon, I spoke with 700 young women between grades 5-12 on Understanding and Overcoming the Culture of Perfectionism, based on my book, The Myth of the Perfect Girl. The students asked amazing questions, and the Q&A went on for a wonderful 15-20 minutes. That evening, I presented to ~250 parents from the community, who were equally interesting during Q&A and asked great questions. Visiting schools is definitely one of my most favorite parts of my work, and I always consider it a great honor and privilege.

As a total aside, Nashville is an awesome city with wonderful people, restaurants, and lots of amazing music (if you’ve been there, you know). And, I found one of my favorite all-time favorite hotel perks was at the Hutton Hotel, where I had an elliptical machine in my room, which I practice both my talks out loud while working out. You can’t always do that at the gym, and it probably was the best thing ever.

As I round out 2014, I look forward to lots of writing (more posts!), yoga, wellness, and recovery. This year has been a big year so far, with my parents being honored in the NYTimes Motherlode column and the San Francisco Chronicle, working on a new book, great new staff at Green Ivy, and all the rest – and I am looking forward to an even more amazing 2015.

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