It’s taken two years to fulfill a simple request. 

Parents have consistently asked for more resources to help their children at home using the same strategies I’ve written about in all four of my books, especially in That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week and Erasing the Finish Line.

By popular request, we developed an online course so students and families can self-pace and work together in a way that is real, relevant, practical and effective – and I’m thrilled to say we’ve accomplished all of that and more.

“The Ultimate School Blueprint: 10 Essentials for Better Grades, Less Stress and More Free Time” is the perfect tool for students to finish the school year strong. And, it is a great resource for families trying to support children in developing these skills in middle school, high school and beyond. 

To learn more, visit here.

Who is The Ultimate School Blueprint for?

It’s for students, who can’t come to our office, and want to build the same skills that students build in our Organizational Workshop. 

It’s ALSO families whose students have done an Organizational Workshop and would like an ongoing refresher to help solidify habits.

It’s for parents/guardians who could use support in helping their children develop these skills- which don’t always come naturally to adults, either!

And, it is great for schools wanting to provide a resource for families, and for companies who want to support employees with middle school, high school and/or college students. If you are interested in school-wide or corporate options, please contact us. 

This course covers topics such as: physical and digital organization, planning tasks, navigating distractions, managing stress and finding balance, and setting personal and academic goals. 

During this self-paced course, students will have access to: 

  • 10 modules covering multiple aspects of executive functioning
  • 98 total lessons, activities, recaps, and reflections to strengthen skills based on your own needs and experiences

Living an organized life is more than just neat folders (though, those are also lovely!), it is about building new habits that make life easier.

The beginning of April is the perfect opportunity to reset, reflect and form new habits, especially as we go into the last few months of the school year.  Students who follow these recommendations typically find 7-10 more hours of free time every week – all while getting better grades and being less stressed.

Accessibility is important to us. We believe every student can benefit from living a more organized life. If the current cost of the program is prohibitive, reach out via this form and we will send a custom coupon link for one student. Proceeds from this course benefit our non-profit initiative, Luminaria Learning Solutions. 

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PS. To access a preview, click this link. It will prompt you to enroll using your email address, but you will not be asked to pay anything until you decide to join the course. And as a first-look thank you, please use code spring2024 for $100 off purchase of the course from now until April 10th.

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