Juggling Remote/Hybrid/In-Person School Transitions this Year

Anyone else have one of those weeks? Months? I get it, 2020. The place I was last month for my “nature escape” is now under evacuation orders for the wildfires, so there’s that.

Many students went back to school remotely last week. Some college students began the week in-person, only to have classes shift to remote by the end of the week.

In my office, we compiled a school supply list with suggestions at multiple price points. Supplies don’t have to be expensive, and finding creative ways that students can create a permanent or temporary study space helps fuel a sense of control and choice at a time when things seem to change day-to-day.

ONE THING I LEARNED: we assume students – and teachers! – are more technologically advanced than they may be – and that can make for some frustrating first weeks back to school.

TIP FOR FAMILIES: Taking time to help students learn how to organize emails, create digital folders, use Zoom/Google Meets/MS Team features and create a system to organize their Google drive is critically important for middle school and high school students. Do they know how to download and save an editable PDF? How savvy are they with their Chromebook? I have faith in our students, though: even if it is tough this week, they will be more fluent than most adults in a matter of weeks.

THE LIFE NAVIGATOR FAMILY PACKET: I’ve taken all the recommendations I would give for remote, hybrid and in-person systems and put them in a 35-page guide for students and families. It is available here and all proceeds benefit Luminaria Learning, our non-profit program bringing our weekly advisory program work into schools. (Spanish version available here).

Wishing you, your family and your school community a safe and supported first week back.

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