Happy 2019!

I recently wrote a piece for the Washington Post on what Silicon Valley parents are *really* doing around screentime. I wrote the piece to alleviate some of the fear-mongering and parent-shaming based on the myth that Silicon Valley parents don’t let their kids use screens. As many of you know, I moved to the Silicon Valley when I was twelve years old (yes, it was very different then!). For nearly two decades, I’ve worked with tweens and teens in an office in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and have visited many schools locally and nationwide. I also, of course, wrote Social Media Wellness. 

I’ve seen a lot – and no, parents aren’t keeping their tweens and teens off screens.

Since it is the new year (happy 2019!) I thought it would be a good time to talk about intentions. Instead of resolutions, I encourage students (and adults!) to think of three words of intention for the upcoming semester or year. The goal is to plant seeds to help us realize what we want more (or less!) of in our lives.

My three words of intention for 2019: healing, connecting, and creating. 

HEALING from the terrible gut issues that plagued much of the fall of 2018. No doubt that the stress of work and life and our wold took its toll. I’ve followed my own advice around rest, accepting things, and moving forward with wellness in mind. I am so much better already.

CONNECTING with so many of the wonderful, supportive, kind and funny people in my life.  We’re never really too busy to see how our friends –really – are doing.

And finally, CREATING. I have so many new projects in store, both big and small, and ideas bubbling around, that I am truly excited for the possibilities of 2019 and beyond.

What are your three words of intention for 2019?

I am headed to New Jersey and New York City these next two weeks, and my spring speaking schedule is below. Hope to see you, and please be in touch with Emily if your school would like to schedule a visit.

Here’s to a 2019 of healing, connecting and creating!

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