At National Conference for College Student Women Leaders – Overcoming the Perfect Girl Myth

I’ve presented this workshop on Overcoming the Perfect Girl Myth: How to Overcome Pressures to Conform and Define Success on Your Own Terms to college women from around the United States, and it stems from some of the work in my book, The Myth of the Perfect Girl. The organizers of NCCSWL asked me a few questions about the workshop, and I thought to share them with you all in case you know any college women or Millennials who might be interested … it’s a fun, engaging, interactive experience and students often leave with a sense of calm knowing they can deal with far more than they thought they would be able to handle.

What are the big takeaways from your workshop?

In this workshop, I discuss why the Culture of Perfectionism is more prevalent than ever before, and give strategies to help young women build their own blueprint for personal and professional success. Oftentimes, we subscribe to this my that we need to do it all, all the time, without really reflecting on what is uniquely important. I incorporate interactive exercises and strategies to help women leave with a toolbox of practical, implementable tips that can totally transform their lives. My work lives by the mantra “Less stress, more success!” where success is something you define for yourself on your own terms, rather than reacting to what you think others find as important.

Why does the content of your workshop matter to young women?
I usually begin my presentations by asking the audience, “How many of you would like an extra five to seven hours of free time per week?” Typically, most audience members say a resounding YES (who wouldn’t, right?) So many young women are accomplishing so many amazing things, and yet they struggle with feeling “less than” or “not good enough.” In this workshop, we talk about why that happens so much more today than ever before – from social media to reality show relationships to our cele-bratty culture, there are big reason why we as women struggle to feel amazing. In addition to giving the reasons why this occurs, I help workshop participants find solutions for themselves that will allow them to promote organization, time-management, personal purpose and overall wellness into their daily lives.

What makes NCCWSL the perfect place for you to present your workshop? Essentially, what’s so special about NCCWSL?
NCCWSL has an incredibly energy about it, and the young women who attend are interesting, authentic, innovative and reflective in a way that brings about amazing opportunities for community and collaboration. I had such an amazing time presenting last year to a packed audience – people were sitting on the floor and standing in the corners – that I am so grateful to be back this year. I learned so much from the young women in attendance, and I look forward to continuing the conversation this year!

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