Myth of the Perfect Girl is A Mighty Girl Pick of the Day!

Sometimes, life throws you surprises. Hopefully, more of the surprises are of the happy variety, of course – like a few days ago, when I got home from dinner with a friend (at local kitchen and wine merchant in SF, which is a personal favorite and has the best brussel sprouts dish ever) and found out that my second book, The Myth of the Perfect Girl, was A Mighty Girl Pick of the Day!

For those of you unfamiliar with A Mighty Girl – it is a terrific website and Facebook page that has over 450K followers, and has great posts about inspiring girls and women, and offers tips on toys, books, games and the like. If you have girls, work with girls, know girls, are a girl – you should follow them (I’ve covered pretty much everyone, right?!) Every time I go through their posts, I feel inspired to learn something new.
So, imagine my lovely surprise when I experienced the power of being a Mighty Girl pick firsthand! Amazon sold out of books within a few hours (they’re restocking, don’t worry!) and over 1000 people shared the post, with parents, educators, and psychologists commenting on how it was a must read topic…now that is a mighty nice surprise. We’ve had inquiries on our website from all over the world – amazing. As we move into the slower summer pace and summer reading, I hope parents of pre-teens and teen girls will consider reading the book with their daughters.

All this, and I am just about to present this morning at the University of Maryland, College Park at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders on Overcoming the Perfect Girl Myth – it’s a fun workshop and a version of what I do at middle schools, high schools and colleges across the United States, and it is always a wonderful experience to talk with college women about their experiences, and listen to what they are dealing with today.

How are you going to help your daughters overcome the perfect girl myth this summer?

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