Meditation and college applications

Last weekend, I headed to a meditation retreat.    I’ve had a meditation practice for years, but had fallen out of consistency and routine.    I still meditate before every talk or speech, but my daily practice has been sporadic …

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3 effective ways to intentionally reset

Last week, I was speaking with a first-year college student who had just arrived home from school. She finished final exams, and is taking new classes next semester. For the first time in years, she felt like she was getting …

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The latest in college applications

Every year, we do one post devoted to college admissions – this is it! If it doesn’t apply to you, no worries! I’ll be back to our regular topics next week.  If you are interested in signing up for our …

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3 Ways to Help Disorganized Students

Fifteen years ago, NYTimes reporter Alan Finder visited my Los Altos office. He followed me around for three days before writing this article about my work helping disorganized boys.  This led to my first book, That Crumpled Paper Was Due …

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My latest book on Good Morning America

My latest book, Erasing the Finish Line is out THIS WEEK! The book was featured on Good Morning America. What an exciting way to bring a book into the world! I hope it sparks a necessary and needed conversation around moving beyond the panic …

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Tips To Support A Smooth Transition To College

For those who are headed to college later this year, we want to share five tips to help you set yourself up for a smooth transition. Here are some ways to support yourself in the coming months.      1. …

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Surprising News From a Student…

A few months ago, a high school senior shared surprising news: He had a great time visiting college campuses. In fact, he liked a lot of them and could see himself happy in several different places. There wasn’t one place, …

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Why We Should Rethink TikTok

TikTok, the short-form video app that has taken over the phones of millions of tweens and teens around the world, is seriously focused on dominating social media.

Back to School, Instagram Launch, and Atlantic Video

It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks with back to school in full swing and the latest social media research backing up much of the work that I shared in my latest book, Social Media Wellness. Earlier this month, I helped Instagram launch …

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