On the Road Again!

I am heading out on the road this week (first stop: Mill Valley, CA to talk about the culture of perfectionism), and thought it would be a good time to share some of my recent work, especially as we’ve moved past the flurry of the first few weeks of the year and now are trying to be focused amid lots of weather delays and rapid speed news cycles.

As I was preparing for the book release of Social Media Wellness, I interviewed lots of teenagers – because who better to talk about social media than teens? Some were featured in this fun video, and I used the advice of other teens to write Washington Post piece, “What Kids Really Want their Parents to Know About Social Media.”

These days, many parents wonder if their kids are addicted to their phones, so I wrote about a piece entitled “Is Your Kid a Phone Addict?” for the NYTimes.

Finally, as we head into the second semester, many of you might be wondering how to curb digital distractions.  I shared five strategies along with some tips with NBC’s Education Nation. Essentially: make it all about them, create plan, recognize the importance of YOUR attitude and approach, be consistent, and gamify it (managing distractions can be fun!). Personally the best thing I’ve done for myself is put my inbox on pause – I only check emails three times a day, and have managed to get back to people much more quickly and get more rest (hint: if using gmail, download Boomerang).

I am headed to Atlanta, Philadelphia, NYC, Memphis, Dallas, and Raleigh-Durham – and also have a number of events in the Bay Area. I would love for you to tell your friends or those who might be interested. Some of the events are closed to the public, but all of the information can be found in the events section. 

Finally, my fall 2018 speaking schedule is starting to fill – if you know of any organizations who might be interested in hosting, please feel free to have them get in touch.

Hope to see you on the road!

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