Academic Advising: Thinking About Next Year’s Classes

I recently visited a wonderful independent high school in North Carolina, and was lucky to get the chance to speak with a number of incredible faculty members, parents and students. At one point during my visit, the high school principal …

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The Ideal School Supply List for September

With back-to-school, the number one request I get is around school supplies – what to buy? There is really no one product that does it all for students, but often, the biggest mistake parents and students make when buying school …

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Back to School Tips for Introverted Students

Last year, I was visiting an all-girls independent school on the East Coast when a mom came up to ask me about her daughter, who was an excellent student and introverted. Many times, the school day – with all it’s …

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Lessons from My Father

Last week, my sister and I received a group text from our father asking, “Do you have any plans for June 15?” By now, we are both smarter than his not-so-subtle reminders, and replied with some version of “It’s Father’s …

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Mother's Day in the NY Times Motherlode Column

One of my favorite childhood memories was of my mom reading to me every evening. We lived in an apartment off the University of Connecticut campus, and each evening, I would convince my mother to read me two or three …

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