Q&A with Amanda Jones, Pet Photographer/Artist Extraordinaire

Now and then, I interview individuals who are doing something interesting, inspiring, and entrepreneurial – whether they are pursuing a particular interest, starting a non-profit or business venture, or somehow paved their own way to personal success and happiness. We …

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Lessons from My Father

Last week, my sister and I received a group text from our father asking, “Do you have any plans for June 15?” By now, we are both smarter than his not-so-subtle reminders, and replied with some version of “It’s Father’s …

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What I Learned In Washington DC

Last week, I traveled to Washington DC (and more specifically, the University of Maryland – College Park) to present at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Boy, was I impressed. Over 900 young women from all over the …

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How to Get Your Kids to *Want* To Read More

One of the teens profiled in my first book, “That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week,” did not enjoy reading when he first visited our Green Ivy office. He had been recently diagnosed with ADHD, and was incredibly annoyed at …

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