The Priceless Gift of Mentoring

Sometimes, a casual conversation has the opportunity to change your life, and I live by the mantra, “You never know who you might sit next to.” Several years ago, I was invited to a swanky fundraiser for the Boys and …

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The Mid-Year Reassess

So, we’re a little over half way through 2014. How’s it going for you? Has it been a great year? Action packed, huh? We tend to start the year with such great intentions (or resolutions, as some might call them) …

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Lessons from My Father

Last week, my sister and I received a group text from our father asking, “Do you have any plans for June 15?” By now, we are both smarter than his not-so-subtle reminders, and replied with some version of “It’s Father’s …

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What I Learned In Washington DC

Last week, I traveled to Washington DC (and more specifically, the University of Maryland – College Park) to present at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Boy, was I impressed. Over 900 young women from all over the …

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The Dark Side of Teen Sleepovers

As spring turns to summer, high school prom season is in full swing and there are inevitably more parents hosting slumber parties and sending their own kids to sleepovers. Last week, I was at a book event for The Myth …

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